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About Jette

jettespartel.jpg Pictures from Jette´s life: Here

Jette Botschinsky is educated at the Academy of Free and Merkantil Art. Pupil of painter Otto Frello. Then privately taught by painter Victor Brockdorff.


With my photographs of sidewalks, I show the condition of a particular neighborhood, what kind of people live in the area and how they treat each other.

A sidewalk also shows how the municipality take care of the area.

I always look where I'm walking and often it's like an abstract painting, I see the beautiful, the interesting forms in the random and I paint eyes that show that what I see.

I use the photograph to show what I see the moment I press the trigger. I do not do much work on the computer afterwards and do not pretend it is a painting.

I print on 220-400gr watercolor paper and tear the edges as in graphic works. I like to use canvas as a background, but it can be other material, depending on how big and where the works will show.

I draw croquis as often as time permits. Capturing the movement of a body is an important exercise for me.

In Africa, I learned the art of working with paper maché and have done many reliefs and sculptures. Often I paint them with oil paints and like to use gold leaf, shells and other things.

In recent years, I have mostly painted. It's oil on canvas. The motifs are humans, cheetahs and elephants. Although I spent many years in Africa I cannot be called an African painter, but the cheetah and elephant are magnificent animals that I feel for and man is often myself, the feelings and thoughts I have.